Why WholeHealth?

How We ARe different

My niche is mostly middle age (50-70) clients who are used to being very active, but now their bodies just don’t seem as able to keep up. My other favorite type of client is someone who finds themselves in a “Groundhog Day” type of cycle with repeated and more frequent injuries. Like the movie, life will repeat itself until modifications are made! I am able to do a thorough assessment and consultation, findings the imbalances and altered positions and/or movements that are likely contributing to your ongoing episodes of injury. I can help you break that cycle!

Because there is always more to a problem than just the apparent problem itself.

You’ve Retired-Now What?

Live your life with more energy! Learn how to protect your joints in order to remain active and have fun. Knowledge is power! As we get older we get wiser! Knowing how little tweaks, modifications and addition of simple but powerful tools can help, will result in the active and engaged lifestyle you desire!

At WholeHealth Physical Therapy we look at the whole person

Why Isn’t Working?

Often when patients are not progressing, or having repeated episodes of pain, there is a bio-mechanical deficit (abnormal alignment) and/or bio-kinesiological deficit (abnormal movement pattern). It is critical to identify these deficits in order to correct the compensatory pattern, or else the problem will continue. For example a patient with “Tennis Elbow” rarely has merely a problem at the elbow. The end result of elbow pain tends to stem from poor positioning and/or control of the entire upper extremity, starting with poor strength or coordination at the shoulder blade, aka the “Core” of the upper body. Here at WholeHealth we assess the kinetic chain of the human body to optimize function. Afterall, as the song goes, “The arm bone is connected to the leg bone”!

Physical function is not only the work of muscles, nerves and bones.

Food is medicine

We want patients to be knowledgeable in providing themselves with the building blocks involved in healing, as well as knowledgeable in alternatives to pain medication.

At WholeHealth Physical Therapy we believe in educating our patients and empowering them to care for themselves on all levels.